Friday, August 13, 2010

Weekly Recap 8/9-8/13

It's amazing how quickly this summer has gone.  We've had a week of vacation at the beach, two weeks with a child at camp, a week with grandparents visiting, two weeks with two girls away at visiting grandparents, a week of vacation bible school, a month of Dad out of town and a week of Mom out of town.  In the last two weeks alone we've visited with two aunts and three cousins at the Indianapolis zoo, traveled to and from West Virginia, put Grandpap on a plane to be with Grandmomma and our newest cousin in California, picked two daughters up in Iowa, visiting with more aunts, uncles and cousins there.  It's been a busy summer and we've all enjoyed it so much.

Next week we'll begin school again.  The children have spent the last few days stock piling sleepovers and time with friends.  It's too bad we can't really save all the friendship and fun up for the lean days of fall.  I've spent this week finalizing plans and getting weekly assignments down on paper.  I've ordered our first month of books from the library.  As of noon today, the librarians were aware that school is starting again soon.  I was down to nine books on my account.  With today's order, I've got over 200 books on my account.  By Tuesday, they will all be ready to pick up and cart home.  I love my library!  I've made the last minute adjustments, chosen which critical thinking skill books to use, organized my shelves and tidied my binder.  As far as planning goes, we are in great shape. 

I'm not sure how next week will play out. The public schools here begin on Tuesday.  I hate to start school on the first day of publis school.  It seems like that should be a day of declaring our independence from someone else's schedule.  Thursday is M5's birthday.  We don't have school on birthdays.  Those are family holidays.  Maybe a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule will work.  Maybe just a Wednesday, Friday schedule.  The best part?  We get to decide. And whatever we decide will be just right for us.


  1. It made me dizzy just reading it!

  2. Wow,I thought I was busy! When you do start, have fun!