Thursday, August 5, 2010


It seems that life has come to a crossroad again.  I love the possibility of a crossroad but the actual decision making can be a problem.  I remember in high school when my best friend and I would go out driving on a weekend.  We'd take enough money for ice cream and a quarter to flip when we got to a crossroad and couldn't decide which way to go.  Often we ended up nowhere, sometimes we got lost but we had each other.  We always laughed and laughed.  We always found ice cream.

As a grown-up, a quarter usually isn't part of my decision making process.  Especially when the decision involves moving or changing jobs or selling/buying houses or uprooting children or anything like that.  I've got a different best friend with me for this journey.  A quarter seems kind of irresponsible so instead we make lists and drink wine and pray and talk.  We dream through possibilities and trouble shoot potential problems.  We pray for ourselves, for the children, for the people that will be affected by our choices, for the future whatever it may be.

We may return from our journey this weekend without any real changes to prepare for.  Reaching the crossroad, we may decide to stay on the current path and not to make a turn.  We may decide to take a very different turn and that would change so many things.  Whatever we choose, we will do it together and we will probably find ice cream somewhere along the way.

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