Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Break 2013: Kennedy Space Center

We were blessed to spend a day with our cousins at the Kennedy Space Center.  We spent some time online before our trip planning the things that we really wanted to be sure we saw.  H14, S11 and M8 all agreed that the new Angry Birds exhibit was a top priority.  We made that our first stop.  Each of the kids got to create their own Angry Bird, shoot stuffed Angry Birds at galactic pigs, play in a mirror maze and compete in a space age laser maze.  We were all thankful that we started with Angry Birds because the line was fairly long by the time we finished the activities.

Upon completion of the laser maze we boarded the bus for the tour.  We all found the tour to be informative and engaging.  Seeing the size of the buildings and equipment up close really made an impression.  We'd done a lot of reading about the Space Race and the Space Program so we were seeing things that we'd learned about in history.  Having the context made the visit especially meaningful.

Although we spent the entire day we didn't get to see everything.  We missed one of the IMAX movies and several of the museum exhibits.  We also had to skip the Astronaut Hall of Fame which was included in our ticket.  The Kennedy Space Center would definitely be worth another visit during a future Florida trip.

Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools Day 2013

The award for best April Fools Day trick goes to K16 and her boyfriend E.  They staged a marriage proposal, complete with engagement ring, for Rob.  He was a totally unsuspecting victim.  His self-control should be applauded because he did not immediately kill his daughter and her boyfriend.  In fact, he kept most of his outrage to himself.  A big round of applause and medal of valor goes out to E who had no real guarantee that he would survive the prank.

Because I can't let the day pass me by I created this special April Fools Day meal for my children and parents.

Grilled cheese anyone?

Here's the recipe.  Doesn't it look like the real thing?