Friday, October 11, 2013

Weekly Recap: October 7-11, 2013

Another good week.  Co-op, play practice, soccer, martial arts, 4-H, and our regular school week were all accomplished with minimal fuss.  Rob came home on Wednesday.  That's a wonderful high for the week.

High - Math because it was easy.
Low - I don't have one.

High - Daddy coming home.  I still really like my logic.
Low - Latin.

High - Algebra test 100%!
Low - Latin test.

High - Feeling like we are making forward progress.  All of the kids are doing well in their subjects.  K16 also got her ACT scores back this week.  They were fine.  We are both relieved she won't need to take them again.
Low - Still not where I'd like to be in Latin and Biology.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekly Recap: September 30-October 4, 2013

I'm once again operating under the better-late-than-never rule.

Overall it was a good week with very few unexpected interruptions.  We even weathered Rob leaving for work in the midst of an unfortunate incident that involved locking the keys in the truck.  Friday evening brought us a house full of cheerleaders getting ready for their homecoming game and enjoying a delicious chicken dinner.  Upon our return from the football game we learned that S11 got a part in the play for which he auditioned.  He'll be a goblin and a second act elf in the upcoming performance of The Hobbit at a local community theater.

High - Algebra.  I really understood it this week.
Low - None.  (As the mother, I would say the low was not completing all the assigned material for the week.  This does not seem to bother H14 as much as it bothers me.)

High - Logic.  I really like the cartoons in Fallacy Detective.
Low - Latin.  It adds more work and I can't use it in daily life.  (As the mother/teacher, I argue that Latin build vocabulary and brain power in general.  Those are always useful in daily life.) 

High - Math
Low - None

High - As I said, this week was mostly on track.  I feel that we are making good forward progress.
Low - We are still struggling to make it all fit in our busy schedule.  I've yet to find a groove for Latin, Biology and History.  We are making progress but fitting it all in feels like a real effort at this point.