Friday, September 23, 2011

Weekly Recap: September 19-23, 2011

This week was a good one.  We are moving right along and have developed a pace and rhythm for this year.  Everyone is finishing lessons without much difficulty.  Moving from one lesson and one child to the next is coming more easily.  Everyone is finally old enough that juggling independent work and time with me is getting easier.  

H12 and I have been taking time before school each morning to walk the puppies together.  It's nice to have quiet time together.  Some days H12 complains her way through the walk but most days she's a joy.  It's nice to have the time to talk about what she's doing and plan our day together.

After our walk and caring for the animals, we have breakfast and begin our school day with reading aloud.  We've been working our way through The Penderwick series for our read aloud time.  H12 and I have already read the books but we loved them so much we wanted to share them with everyone.  We are halfway through the second book. 

Our morning continues with Bible time.  H12, S9 and I are studying the book of Job.  M7 is learning about the stories of the Old Testament.  While we miss our Community Bible Study we are enjoying the new lessons and I feel that the learning is worthwhile.

Bible ends our group work for the morning and we spend the remainder of the time before lunch getting our individual work done.  H12 works on her own while I shuffle between M7 and S9 to complete their lessons.

After lunch and a play/reading break we get back together for history, chemistry or art.  H12 and S9 usually finish their day with a Latin lesson. 

Here's what the kids had to say about school this week:
M7 - I'm enjoying math.  It's easy and fun. I did grammar but I don't really like it very much. 
S9 - I liked chemistry this week.  I liked that I was able to measure and think about what I wanted to do.  I liked the safely goggles and the smock.  It was fun to wear them and act like I was a real scientist.  I didn't like reading about Pocahontas because the book was so long.  I really enjoyed the story but I didn't like not being able to read a different book until it was done.
H12 - I enjoyed reading The Broken Blade.  I thought the characters and the story were interesting.  Even though I'm good at math I don't like it.

Just in case you were wondering, my house is still a disaster but it doesn't bother me as much today as it did last Friday.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Enjoying the Unexpected

Tonight I attended a mom's night out with other mothers from our new homeschool co-op.  The mom's night out was supposed to take place at an area restaurant.  Because this was my first mno with this group and because I've been to other mno's where no one came but me, I called to double check the time and location of the gathering.  I also wanted to be sure that at least one other person was going to be there.  I was assured there would be others attending.

I arrived at the restaurant, went inside to inquire about the group and no one from the group was there.  I was on time, not early or late.  I wandered outside and met another woman also waiting.  Since both of us were new to the group we only recognized each other because we were both alone and uncomfortable.  Before long, a veteran of the group arrived and took us in hand.  No one else from the group was at the restaurant.  We didn't have a table.  The restaurant was crowded.  Seating for regular size groups was 20 minutes.  Seating for a large group would be even longer.  We opted to leave word for any late arrivals and move to a different restaurant nearby.

While the beginning of the evening was dicey, the time spent visiting with and getting to know some of the other mothers was worthwhile.  On the way home I found myself reflecting on how unexpected situations often turn out to be really great. So often I spend time planning and scheming and working it all out only to have my plans altered, adjusted or totally scrapped. 

So many of the wonderful things in my life were unexpected.  Careers, homes, people, situations.  It almost makes me want to stop planning. If I stopped planning it could be that I'd miss the blessings of the unexpected because everything would be unexpected.  That sounds overwhelming.  Perhaps, the unexpected favors the prepared life.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekly Recap: September 12-16, 2011

We've had a busy and productive week.  I'll let the kids hit their high lights and low lights for school this week .

M7 - What I learned about and thought was really interesting was Pocahontas.  I didn't like Latin.  I like math a lot.  I also really like The Penderwicks.
S9 - My high light is that we are almost to machine guns in history.  My low light is Latin.
H12 - My high light is the book I'm writing.  I'm working really hard on it.  I hate math though I am good at it.  I'm rocking the socks off Latin.

It's a good thing that I have no expectations when I ask the kids to weigh in with their point of view.

I'd say that my high light this week was finding a rhythm.  This is our second week of co-op.  Things seem to be flowing pretty well.  We seem to be getting all our subjects done.  It's good to be feeling a sense of accomplishment this time of year.  My low light was the house.  I seem to be really struggling to get a handle on the cleaning and straightening.