Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Meal for Monks

We are studying the Middle Ages and early Renaissance this year.  In Story of the World 2, one of the activities for Chapter 3 Christianity Comes to Britain is the preparation of a monk's supper.  My children enjoy history so much and I love to foster that sense of connection for them.  Today, preparing Lentil Soup and baking bread gave us time to talk more about what it must have been like during the Middle Ages and time to share with each other.  

H11 loves to create and being in the kitchen feeds her creative spirit in more ways than one.

M6 likes to get her hands messy so this is the perfect activity for her.

S8's interest doesn't extend to cooking but he likes the idea of illumination in writing so he's writing a story about good verses evil and pulling out all the stops by making the writing really fancy.

All in all, I think we were successful in making a meal fit for monks.

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  1. What a fun project! We're also planning on a medieval meal (or two) in the next week or so.