Monday, August 23, 2010

Our First Day of School Tea Party

The tradition of the First Day of School Tea Party began as a distraction for me and a way of focusing on when my children would be home instead of waiting endlessly in misery.  K13 was in public school from kindergarten through seventh grade so there were a lot of first days that I endured by sending my children off and then planning and preparing for their return.  M6 will be the only one not to ride the bus home on the first day of school and find a special tea party waiting for her. 

We've stopped riding the bus to school but we have continued the celebration.  Because we start school when we choose, we can also pick which day we have the tea party.  This year we had it on the first day that everyone was home doing school.  Another change in the ritual is the number of cooks.  Now, everyone is here to help in the preparation.  It's no longer my menu or my sole responsibility.  I must admit, I'd rather have the company than the control.  This year H11 made her world famous deviled eggs.  S8 ran to and from the composter to keep the counters cleared and the cooks happy.  M5 and K13 set the table and Dad made it home just in time to eat, as usual.

Happy First Day of School, everyone!

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