Thursday, August 12, 2010

Beginning Again

I ventured upstairs to our learning center this afternoon for the first time in a few weeks.  The bottom four stairs were stacked with books and papers.  All the things we've gathered around the house but have been too lazy or hurried to put away were waiting for a ride to the top.  On the top step, there was a mouse trap that my youngest daughter told me she was building.  I didn't pay enough attention and as a result there is a jar of peanut butter in the trash and I'm sure that somewhere in our house are some very well-fed mice.  The mice have been well fed for awhile and are probably not happy that I removed their buffet.  I really need to learn to pay better attention when my children say things like, "Mom, we are going to make a trap for the mouse."

After cleaning up the mouse trap and carrying all the stragglers up the stairs, I spent some time organizing the shelves for the beginning of our school year.  I'm not done but it feels great to have gotten a start.  Considering the fact that school is scheduled to start in a few days, I probably need to do more than start. 

I also spent some time putting together a weekly schedule for the year.  I didn't fill in every subject for every child.  Last year I planned out each little thing.  This year I know that for several of our subjects I don't have to plan every little thing.  We can start with lesson 1 and work our way to lesson 140 without making a grand plan.  We just do what comes next.  It's nice to know how that works and that it does work.  Since, K13 will begin high school this year, I've spent a lot more time writing plans and creating a syllabus for each class.  I want to be ready.  I want to be sure she's ready for whatever future she chooses. 

I don't have a definite start date for school.  I know that K13 will begin her classes at the high school on Wednesday.  I know that we all start Community Bible Study on Thursday.  I know that we'll be celebrating a birthday next Thursday and Friday.  I suppose we'll work school in between the fun things we have planned.  Isn't that one of the luxuries of home school?

I find myself excited about the new year and a bit fearful.  Latin didn't go so well last year.  This year we are trying it again with all four children.  M5 has made it clear that she only wants to do school that is fun.  I know it won't all be fun but it still needs to be done.  S8 can't wait to learn about the middle ages.  Knights and vikings are sure to become a passion for him.  H11 is a hard one to peg.  She can be a joy or a terror and very often is both in the same day.  I pray she finds something to love in our studies this year. 

I pray for all of us.  I pray that we will be blessings to each other and to those around us.  I pray that we will learn and grow.  I pray that we will glorify God.  I pray we will make it through each day with kindness and compassion.  I pray we will ask for forgiveness and forgive with grace.  I pray.

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  1. "The mice have been well fed for awhile and are probably not happy that I removed their buffet." I literally LOL. The kids get an A for effort!