Friday, August 20, 2010

Weekly Recap 8/16-8/20

We started our school year this week.   We spent Monday and Tuesday running errands, going out to lunch, playing outside and watching movies.  They were relaxing days and got us ready to begin our school year.  Because we homeschool and don't have to start on the same day as the public schools, we decided to start on Wednesday. You can check out our first day of school pictures if you like.

Wednesday was K13's first day of high school. This year she'll be taking three classes at the local high school: French, Band and Algebra. She's also decided to participate in the marching band. It's an activity that she's really enjoyed so far. K13 and I haven't started any of our homeschool classes, other than Bible, because of our abbreviated schedule this week.

Thursday was M's birthday (yes, more pictures) so we only went to the first day of our Community Bible Study on Thursday.  No school on birthdays!  (I love being able to make these rules.)..

Friday we tackled another day of homeschool while K13 went back for her second day of high school.  She's on an every other day schedule so it keeps things interesting for us when managing schedules and activities.
H11's favorite activity this week was writing. Writing Strands is such a great fit for her.

S8 enjoyed getting back into history this week.  He loves the stories.  He especially enjoys the stories about wars and fighting.   He can't wait to learn more about the Vikings.  Here he's illustrating the story of Beowulf that we read in SOTW2. 
M6 enjoyed being funny with her phonics this week.  Teaching her is going to be quite a challenge because "I don't feel like..." is one of her favorite expressions.

Algebra, French and Band at the high school
Community Bible Study - The Acts of the Apostles

Analytical Grammar - Lesson 1 Exercises 1&2
Writing - Writing Strands 4 - #4
Math - review of multiplication facts 0-12
History - SOTW2 Ch 1 & 2
Physical Science -
Music - Flute

Writing - Writing Through History
R&S Grammar 3 - Lessons 1-5
Math - review of multiplication facts 0-12
History - SOTW2 Ch 1&2
Physical Science -
Music - violin

Phonics Pathways
First Language Lessons - #67-68
Math - addition
History - SOTW2 Ch 1 & 2

Physical Science -


  1. I totally understand the "I don't feel like its" My youngest is driving me up a wall a bit b/c he doesn't want to do anything unless I sit right there with him. My fault (shhh) I made him my big baby!

  2. We don't do school on birthdays either! Growing up I always thought one shouldn't have to go to school on one's bday. Looks like you had a good week! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I like to be able to make rules like this. Isn't this wonderful not to have school on your own Birthday or any other Birthdays in your family?
    Looks like you all had a good week!

  4. I'm so glad I don't have to manage schedules between olders and littles yet. You look as though you're managing with grace.

    The real problem is when mom "doesn't want to."

  5. I am trying Writing Strands with my oldest this year. I was going to purchase it last year but decided to keep looking for something *better*.....and I kept coming back to WS! We'll see how it goes!

    We don't school on birthdays either. A birthday is a time to celebrate!! :)

  6. My sisters do marching band right now in Jr. High & High School and are loving it. Happy Birthday to M!