Saturday, August 14, 2010

Birth Days

My sister had her first child a few days ago.  My youngest daughter and my oldest daughter will be celebrating their birthdays in the next two weeks.  All these birthdays have made me think more about what a birth day means to me, as a mother.

I spent part of this morning shopping with my youngest daughter for her birthday party.  She's planning a pajama party.  Pizza, movies, manicures and a sleepover with her friends.  We bought Hello Kitty plates, cups, napkins, invitations, pink balloons, crepe paper, a pinata and candy.   We made a guest list then we filled out and delivered the invitations.

For my daughter, her birthday is all about being the special one.  It's her opportunity to make requests and order the world just the way she likes it.   For me, birthdays are a time to remember.  They are an opportunity to reflect over the past year and all the years before.  They are the day that I focus on one child and our time together.  Each of my children has a birth story that is as unique as they are.  I love that our celebrations now reflect their unique likes, dislikes and interests.  I love sharing a day that is all about them.

I'm certain my children have little understanding about what makes a birthday a truly special day.  It would be impossible to explain how birthdays belong to me more than they belong to them.  They can't understand how becoming a mother to each of them has changed me.  Someday they may be parents and then they will know what a birthday is about.  Until then, we'll share these special days on their terms.  Complete with pink balloons and chocolate cake.  A celebration of the life we share.

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