Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Still on Hold

In the last month we've been hurrying up to wait.  We are on week three of our wait and I have to admit, I'm sick of being on  hold.  A month ago we began planning for a move and major lifestyle change.  We were excited and energized.  We set wheels in motion, cancelled some plans, rearranged commitments, began to dream and then...nothing.  Three weeks later still more nothing.

We have been trying to use the time to focus and to pray for guidance, for wisdom, for peace.  Over the last week we've pretty much been praying for any news.  No news is no longer good news and we are ready to move forward or back but just to move.

With a home full of children and their various activities, my idea of waiting may seem pretty active.  We are still doing school.  We are still involved in and signing up for additional activities.  We are still making plans for this place in the future.  We say things like, "Next month we'll ..."  or "At Christmas time, we'll ...." and those sentences include people and places that can be found only in our current location.

The leisure of waiting has enabled time for cleaning out and paring down.  I've got four more boxes ready to be moved out of the house.  After we go through the summer clothes, the load will be even lighter.  I love the idea of streamlining, of only having what is necessary instead of what is present.  I no longer have four full file cabinet drawers.  I think I might only have one very full drawer if I put it all together.  There's a chance the file cabinet itself might be the next big item to be moved out of the house.  I think the red chair may go with it and perhaps a bed, and futon.  I'm sure there are several sets of towels and sheets that are no longer necessary.  It's amazing all that we have and how little is really necessary.

And so, I pass my waiting time by emersing myself in the everyday.  By paying attention to the blessings and the plenty, I destract myself from the desires and hopes of the future.  It's not a bad place to be really.  Full of hope and promise. Savoring the moments that make each day rich.  Maybe being on hold isn't such a bad place to be.

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