Monday, February 1, 2010

Slip Sliding Away

We went skiing today and it was a glorious day. I'm figuring this counts for about 3 months worth of physical education. My body is telling me it counts as several years worth.

All of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and given the effort that it takes to get 5 people into ski clothes, boots, skis and on the slope, that's saying a lot. Usually, endeavors like this are labor for me that it takes me a LONG while to forget. Until I've forgotten the labor part I'm not particularly anxious to do it again. This time I have full recollection of being hot, sweaty and crowded while hunting for the size 10 boots and the size 1 boots and the size 3 boots and the size 8 boots. I can recall every detail about the incredibly slow moving line to pick up the children's skis. I still remember how the line for the adult skis took just as long as the line for the children's skis. I can recollect in vivid color the struggle of getting four children into skis and onto the slope and only loosing one down the hill and onto the steps. Even with this labor still in my mind, we will be skiing again next Monday.

Why would I subject myself to that you ask? Well, because we had the joy of going up and down, over and over as a family, laughing and cheering each other. When it was time to go not one of us was ready to leave. In the car, each of them had an adventure to share, a story to tell and a smile on their face. As we drove down the road, my oldest said, "Today I'm glad I'm home schooled." And that is enough to make me do it all again, with a smile on my face.

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  1. Love it. Today I'm glad your kids are homeschooled, too!