Thursday, February 4, 2010

Giving a Great Gift

Don't you just love it when you find the perfect gift for someone? Something you know they will treasure? Something that's JUST RIGHT for them? There is no better feeling than the satisfaction of a well given (and received) gift.

We just got back from shopping for my son's birthday. My husband and I have limited time together but gift shopping is something we prioritize. He never wants to be the Dad that had no clue and I love sharing the time with him. So, we strolled the aisles of Target this evening and came home victorious. We have the gifts that will make a seven (make that eight!) year old boy celebrate like a crazy muppet. And I, for one, can't wait to see it!

Star Wars is the passion this year. Particularly the Clone troopers. Most specifically Commander Cody because his suit has yellow on it and yellow is the favorite color of a certain almost-eight-year-old.* I've got the perfect plates, cups and napkins. I even scored the perfect party favors, clone trooper suits for everyone. It should be Star Wars madness at my house by 6pm tomorrow. We're almost ready.

I've got the party almost under control. Guests - check. Party ware - check. Favors - check. Macaroni and cheese with steak - check. Cake - Deep breathe. The thing is, Star Wars was the passion last year, as well. Last year, R2D2 was the cake. That was pretty easy and it looked great. Tomorrow I am going to attempt a clone trooper helmet. I've got specific instructions. I've got a picture. I've been told it doesn't HAVE to be PERFECT. Deep breathe. I'll let you know how it turns out tomorrow.

If the cake is a miss, I still have the presents to fall back on and, believe me, they will make an almost-eight-year-old boy scream like a girl!

*As I side note, I just need to mention that as a pre-teen I saw Star Wars (IV, V and VI) and thought it was fine. I had no idea that the characters and vocabulary of Star Wars would become so vitally important in my day-to-day life this many years later. I know way more about Star Wars now than ANYONE knew back in the day.

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