Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's the Little Things Really

S8's room
Playroom - yes, there is carpet in there!

Playroom closet - sorted and organized

Sometimes it's important to have proof of a job well-done. Especially when I know that the satisfaction is likely to be short lived. Today, I spent several hours cleaning and organizing our playroom and S8's room. I love the way they look now. The dc loved playing in them this evening. With four children, I know that my masterful organization and sorting will not last. So, for those days when I doubt that it's ever been clean, here's the proof that once it looked amazing.


  1. wonderful! I dread the whole cleaning/organizing thing, I get kind of paralyzed at what to actually do with the stuff..but, I feel so good when it is all done and everything is neat.

    good job!

  2. That is the BEST feeling, huh?!?!:) Looks great....and even inspired me to do a little organizing!

  3. omg you have the vintage fisher price house, I'm on the hunt for one on ebay, their prices are killing me though. Looks great, we have the same racks with the bins in them, well 2 actually and they're wonderful.

  4. My mom is a saver. She kept every Little Person, animal, car and building we had growing up. They are my dc favorite toys now!