Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Day: A Remix

We actually got the weather that was predicted last night and awoke to three inches of snow with more coming down this morning. The love of my life stayed home from work and helped with school while participating in conference calls. The dc slept until their internal alarms (or their siblings) woke them and we began a relaxed day of school.

The joy of having school without leaving the house is especially sweet on the days when everyone else is missing a day that will surely need to be made up later. We start school late and enjoy the knowledge that are plans haven't been altered by the weather, unless that's our choice.

We've already received notice that the public school is cancelled for tomorrow. It looks as if we'll have a new student at the Johnson Academy. He must have heard that we'll be done with our school year by mid-May. Who can blame him for wanting to join us!

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