Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Hardest Thing...

about being a parent is being a grown up, all the time. Even when you are alone, you really never have a moment for yourself. There's always someone else or several someones to consider before any action, reaction or decision. Every choice you make affects someone else, even if it's the choice to sit and type a new blog entry instead of folding laundry.

Granted, most decisions like that will go unnoticed. However, I can't begin to count the number of times I've made a similar decision and it's had unforeseen consequences. I didn't wash a load of clothes and that was the load that was necessary for survival the following morning. I failed to put the papers in the recommended location and they disappeared from the face of the earth without a trace. I decided chicken nuggets and mac & cheese were great for dinner and my husband told me he was bringing a guest home.

Having to stop one drink short of lit, just in case. Being the person that is solely responsible for the toilet paper inventory. Knowing just how each family member likes their toast, pb&j, apples cut, shoes tied, hair brushed, songs sung, stories told, back rubbed...The list of responsibilities goes on and on.

The really hard thing is that as much as I hate being an adult, all the time, I love being a parent.

What do you find hardest about parenting?

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