Saturday, January 23, 2010

Multiplication Lessons

The problem with leaving things unattended is that they multiply. You see the effects in papers, dishes, dirty clothes, books, lessons, phone messages, expectations. It's a law, if you aren't paying attention mischief is being made.

And so, my beautiful long weekend in Cancun has left me with chaos. The dust, the laundry, the lessons, the dishes, the mail. It's all multiplied. The only thing that is still the same in amount is me and I may possibly be a bit diminished. I am certainly not multiplied.

How does one compensate after time away? My method of choice is denial. And a glass of wine. And a wonderful book.

The problem with that is it results, once again, in leaving things unattended. And when you leave things unattended, they multiply.

I need more wine.

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