Sunday, January 3, 2010

Checking it off

I'm a list maker. There are several things that I love about a list. One is that it gets the listed items out of my head. Somehow, the act of making the list relieves the pressure of all those items bouncing against the inside of my skull. Also, the satisfaction of crossing items off a list is really fulfilling. Knowing that I had an intention and followed through is very empowering. Even the act of making a grocery list and crossing off the things I've put in my cart is satisfying.

I've been known to put things on a to-do list that I've already done, just so I can cross them off. It's not cheating if it's your list.

I teased my mother about being a list maker when I was younger. It took me awhile to get in touch with my list making self, step out of the list making closet and embrace the list maker that I am. Maybe there is a genetic component to list making, maybe list making is the result of being around successful list makers, perhaps list making is the result of experience and the inability to remember anything that's not written down. Whatever the origin of the list making, it's a method of making my way in the world that provides comfort and a sense of accomplishment.

This week we managed to mark four things off our "Things to do around the house" list. We added insulation to our bonus room. Already there is a noticeable difference in the temperature there. The kids won't need to wear their heavy coats to school any more. They are thrilled, I assure you.

We reworked the family room coffee table, covering the top with padding and upholstery. It's lovely to look at and prop your feet upon.

We hung a peg board in the garage for the tools there. I suppose the picture is a give away for my husband's favorite football team. Until we got the peg board up, the sign (yes, it is as large as it appears in the picture) was centered in front of our home. At least this year the love of my life didn't string the Christmas lights on it.

My favorite project, and the one of which I am most proud, is our new headboard. We created a luxurious, covered headboard for our bed. The headboard was the final touch to having a beautiful bedroom to rival any world class hotel.

There are other things on the list but the sense of accomplishment in crossing these things off is great. If I hadn't made the list, I'd never be able to acknowledge the triumph.

I wonder how non-list makers take time to feel the victory of a job well done when there is no list to help them slow down and mark the moment.

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  1. A list is a beautiful thing. I'd love to see pictures of some of your projects.