Friday, January 22, 2010

One Hundred Days

We recently celebrated our 100th day of school. We celebrated by: measuring to find things that were 100" long, doing activities that took 100 seconds, singing, jumping rope and hopping on one foot, making collections of 100, writing stories of 100 words, figuring out how many packs of gum we'd need to buy to share with 100 people.

I find it mind boggling that we've had 100 days of school. I feel humble that we've come so far and panicked that there is so much left to do in the 80 remaining days. Some days I feel that we've found our groove and others I pray just to finish in one piece. You'd think after 13+ years of parenting and 20+ years of marriage I would understand that something can be impossible and worthwhile at the same time. If I'd known 100 days ago what I know now, would I have set off on this homeschool journey? Absolutely. Will I still be saying that in 80 days? I sure hope so.

In 100 days, we've progressed from Genesis through ancient Greece. We've studied plants and invertebrates. We've learned about nouns, verbs and pronouns. We've become more logical, potentially. We've written stories we loved and stories we hated. We've read and read and read. We've talked and talked and talked. We've mixed and stirred and baked and laughed. We've done experiments that worked and experiments that didn't. We've met new people and tried new things. We've learned about so much more than what was in the lesson plan.

I loved marking the 100 days. Often in my quest for the end I've missed marking the time along the way. It was good to have a point to rest on and think of what we'd done. It's not the top of the mountain but I've built a little bench and enjoyed the view, just the same.

What view are you missing by moving too quickly? Where do you want to build a bench?

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