Saturday, January 12, 2013

Weekly Recap: January 7-11, 2013

School is back in sesslon and the new year is off to a fabulous start. In history we are winding down World War I.  Our reading has gradually transitioned from Civil War to the Great War.  As a read aloud, we are listening to Caddie Woodlawn.  I think we will be looking for a strong male lead in our next read aloud.  Any suggestions?  I do plan to read The Diary of Anne Frank in a few weeks so it would be nice to have something lighter before we jump into that.  Currently H12 is reading All Quiet on the Western Front, S10 is reading Will's War and M8 is reading Betsy-Tacey-Tib.

Math is continuing at a brisk pace.  M8 is beginning multiplication. S10 is working on dividing fractions.  H12 is feeling comfortable with Algebra.  I might even say successful.  I am so thankful that we decided last year to stop slogging through basic math and move forward slowly.  It is the right choice for us.

Our co-op for the next 6 weeks is activity focused.  This week we'll be roller skating.  Next week we'll be bowling.  Movies, swimming, and community service are on the schedule, as well.

I spent some money on classes from The Great Courses in writing, math, and physics.  I am planning to get going with physics and writing in the next few weeks.  I'm expecting that these will be as educational for me as they are for the kids.

Finally, we've been enjoying some unseasonably warm weather.  It's good to get outside and move.

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