Friday, January 25, 2013

Weekly Recap: January 21-25, 2012

This week was full of the unexpected.  We spent last weekend in Indiana visiting friends and family.  Our original plan was to come home on Monday, but after a day with my sister's family we decided we needed another.  We got home Tuesday evening in time for M8 and S10 to attend their first KajuKenpo class. M8 and S10 loved the class and eagerly returned for a second session on Thursday evening.  H13 and I are looking forward to starting our class next Monday.  

Our week progressed with a series of late starts and snow days.  Throw a new pair of braces for H13 into the mix and you have a good picture of what this stop and go week was like.   

H13 with her new jewelry.
The tough question on a snow day (or two) is do we or don't we do school?  We did school.  Admittedly, we did less school.  We covered the basics and had some fun.  It was a good mix.
After so much time off school, K16 felt the need to make herself useful.  I love having a daughter that organizes things for fun.
Our highs and lows this week:

High - Math because it's my favorite subject. 
Low - No low.

High - Math.  The lessons on number comparison were short and easy.
Low - Grammar.  I can't rhyme.

High - The chapter on equations with one variable is done.  I understood it and I did well. 
Low - That I had to do math as all.

High - Straight As and less than a single day of school this week.
Low - Being sick at the beginning of the week.

High - Pushing through the basics despite the distracting schedules and weather.
Low - Being tired from travel.

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