Friday, January 4, 2013

Looking Forward to 2013

Again, if you haven't checked out Simple Mom yet, be sure to go there.  She has a great list of goal-setting questions that you might find really helpful.

Now that I spent some time looking back I figured it was time to face forward.  It's easier to move forward if you are actually looking that direction.  So, here we go, in 2013 I want to:
1. continue to spend daily, personal time with God.
2.  read at least 52 books.
3. develop a community relations team for Operation Christmas Child by adding one member and one event from each of my target counties.
4.  participate in sustained physical activity/exercise at least three times each week.
5.  maintain a healthy diet, heavy in fruits, veggies, and healthy choices. 
6.  continue to provide my family with meals that are healthy and, as much as possible, home made.
7. date my husband and nurture a relationship that will last for another 25+ years.
8. pray with Rob and for Rob daily.
9. create a planned family night each week.
10.  enjoy family meals as often as possible.
11.  go on a Disney Cruise with my family.
12.  SHOOPA!
13.  paint the kitchen, laundry room, half bath, and upstairs bath.
14.  provide opportunities and encouragement for family time that is physically active.
15.  continue to pray for and with my children each day.
16.  nurture closer relationships within our family by providing quality time, activities, and opportunity for interaction.
17.  provide quality, personally matched education for each of my children.
18.  continue to look for the best curriculum and educational opportunities for my children.
19.  encourage reading, writing, independent learning, and personal growth in my children.
20.  develop a plan for chores, jobs, compensation and cooperation that works for our family.
21.  maintain a debt free lifestyle.
22.  increase retirement contributions to 15%.
23.  continue at current level of charitable giving.
24.  increase college savings.
25.  nurture one new friendship.
26.  complete one family act of service each month.
27.  harvest honey.
28.  can enough food for winter use.
29.  sew to express creativity and bring joy to myself and others.
30.  begin to turn our farm into a business.

Wow!  It looks like 2013 is going to be an exciting year!

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