Wednesday, January 2, 2013

An Absurd Gift

We attended church this past Sunday at Crestwood Presbyterian Church near Richmond, VA.  My sister attended services there a few times in the past and she was excited about going to church with family.  We all enjoyed the service and especially liked the message about how the gift of Christ is absurd.  I wish I could remember the name of the gentleman who shared the message.  All I know is that he runs an inner city ministry in Richmond and frequently fills the pulpit at the Crestwood churches.

In typcial preacher style, he had three reasons for why the gift of Christ is absurd.  First, absurd gifts are often incredibly practical.  Second, absurd gifts often require action on our part.  The absurd gift, finally, is a gift that only becomes fully useful and understood over time.  There were numerous pertinent examples of absurd gifts and how Christ fits.  Gallons of milk, super size underwear, and garden benches were among the examples given. The sermon was well presented and enjoyed by everyone in our party, including S10 and M8.  Quite an accomplishment!

We left the service thanking God for the absurd gift we all received and the sermon that reminded us of it.  What a blessing to spend one of the days of Christmas celebrating with family!

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