Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekly Recap 2/14-2/18

It's great to have a working computer and internet connection!  EVERYTHING is now business as usual in our home.  That is this week's highlight for me.

We are back to school in a routine way and it feels wonderful.  Of course, we can't stick to a routine for long.  Next week we'll be traveling to Florida.

This week we finished chapter 2 in Signs and Seasons.  We found it particularly interesting that Dad has had the opportunity to see all the stars in the heavens during his trips to Australia and Brazil.  We all hope we have the same chance someday.  We have plans to make our yard compass if the weather holds once we get back from Florida.

We are reading The Canterbury Tales and I found it especially exciting that our reading of The Pardoner's Tale coincided with our Story of the World 2 chapter on The Plague.  It's nice when learning relates like that especially when it doesn't require a lot of planning.  Our favorite tale so far is The Wife of Bath's Tale.  I guess we are all romantics at heart.

Everyone is moving forward in math.   M6 worked on place value through thousands and carrying when adding.  She seems to have no problem with either concept.  Next week we'll try borrowing during subtraction.  S9 is working on adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators and H11 is adding and subtracting mixed numbers with different denominators.

In reading, M6 got through a variety of blended sounds (ng, sh, etc.) in reading.  She is really enjoying reading the old Dick and Jane readers I found at the library.  I'll post a funny (and somewhat inappropriate) story about that later

We are listening to Pinocchio in the car.  We've enjoyed several parts of the story but have been very surprised at how little it resembles the familiar Disney version.  H11 and I agree that the writing style and the narrator remind us of The Book of Lost Things.  Later this afternoon we'll be making a trip to the library to stock up on audio books for our trip next week.

Because we've been so many weeks without convenient internet access I've got some pictures that should have gone with recaps of weeks past. Rather than going back to recap, I'm going to include the pictures here. Enjoy!

Really silly sentences.

A battle between knights.

Finding equivalent fractions.


  1. Love your knights! Enjoy your week in FL.

  2. Living without the internet I find, is both a blessing and a curse! But glad you are back! I'll have to check out that Geraldine McCaughrean bok. I liked her version of the Epic of Gilgamesh and we are doing Middle Ages next year. I need to line up our read alouds.

    Looks like you are coming along swimmingly (as my grandmother used to say)!