Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Settling In

There's something comforting about returning to some place with which you are familiar.  It easy to find your way around.  You know which stores are available and you have contacts already established in an area.  In a way that makes things easier. 

There's also something confusing about returning to some place with which you are familiar.  While you were away, life continued.  You've changed and the people in that place have changed.  It's all different and all the same.

We've settled into our house.  Our furniture is the same, some of it's been moved to different places.  I feel like we are in a smilar situation.  We are the same but we've been moved. 

Last night we had friends over for the Super Bowl.  Mostly, they were friends from our life before we moved away.  Some of them were acquaintances during our previous life here.  This time they may become friends.  It's too soon to tell.  I am thankful for these renewals of friendship. I'm excited to see the new friendships we develop.

Entertaining in our new house was fun.  It's a good house for company.  There's enough room to serve food and seat guests.  The kitchen has great flow but it's not a place to stand and visit.  To me that is perfect.  Too often, in our last house, everyone would stand around in the kitchen and I'd never get them out and into comfortable seats. We didn't use the more formal living areas this time.  I'm sure will in the future.  And I can't wait for the summer time.  We've got some beautiful desks and an amazing yard.  It's going to be fun to share them with friends.  Maybe we'll add a summer solstice party to our traditions.

The house is unpacked and we've begun doing the normal things of life here.  Living each day as if we belong here and are planning to stay.  We are settling in.

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