Friday, February 18, 2011

Funny (and somewhat inappropriate) Dick and Jane Story

Disclaimer:  Mostly I'm posting this so that I remember it.  I'm hoping it helps me be more empathic when others are dealing with the facts of life when imperfect people, in this case, children, are involved.  Also, it's an example of how, even when we try our very best to create a Godly, nurturing and appropriate learning environment, our children will be children.

Last week I was at the library looking for some early readers for M6.  She's still frustrated by "real" books but bored to tears by Bob books and the like.  I did find some books that we could read together and then I found The Storybook Treasury of Dick and Jane.  M6 was thrilled.  She loved the pictures and was able to read it independently.  She loved it so much she read more than half of it the first day.

The trouble began when S8 caught sight of Dick and Jane.  He is, of course, an eight year old boy.  The book title immediately caught his eye and he proceeded to make fun of poor Dick.  M6 got upset at S8's interpretation of Dick's name.  She was also disgruntled by S8's opinion that Dick was a horrible name for a boy and the typical eight year-old boy laughter that followed. 

At this point, in walked K14.  She heard S8 criticizing Dick's name and M6 lamenting her brother's criticism.  Ever the peace maker, she chimed in with, "You are one to talk, your last name is Johnson."  After a moment of silence and thoughtfulness, S8 began to laugh again and crowed, "That means people could call me Shane Penis."

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  1. As a mom of THREE boys, I feel your pain!!! I feel like a broken record when I say, "Stop being inappropriate!"

    Thanks for sharing, I am literally "lol'ing."