Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This, Just This - January 21

There are so many decisions that we make in life. Some are well thought out, others are poorly planned. Very seldom do we get a moment of peace where we can point and say, "This, just this is why I chose as I did." Today, I got that moment.

Four beautiful children clothed in mismatched snow clothes, gloves and hats, an unruly dog escorting them across a perfect blanket of snow white under a smooth blue sky. My angels making snow angels where no one else had or would walk. That was my moment.

We may not have all of our things in place. We don’t have internet service, cable or an in-state driver’s license but at this moment I can say, "This, just this is why we made this choice and are in this place." I pray that there are many more moments that point to the rightness of our choice. I also pray for enough inner peace to recognize those moments when they come.

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