Saturday, February 5, 2011

Weekly Recap 1/31 -2/4/11

This week has been a great one.  We finally found a routine and groove in our new house and public school was in session all week with no delayed starts.  Since we enrolled K14 in public school when we moved, it makes a difference in our schedule and the general rhythm of the house when she's home unexpectedly.

We finished reading Adam of the Road by Elizabeth Janet Gray this week.  All the children really enjoyed the story and the characters.  It had just enough suspense and a perfect ending.  I think the loss of our dog last week also enabled them to really sympathize with how Adam felt about Nick's absence.

We began Signs and Seasons for science and so far it has been very well received.  I'm hoping the weather will hold next week and give us the opportunity to mark out our compass in the yard.

Our Bible study is still going well.  It's not as much fun since we don't get to meet with our CBS group on Thursdays but we are still learning about God and ourselves.  I'm going to have to figure out something for M6 to do since she doesn't have a study guide.  So far she's been happy drawing pictures.

H11 begged to stop First Form Latin and try S8's Latina Christiana.  That's worked well so far.  She seems to be much more confident and is moving though the material quickly.  They made vocabulary flashcards this week and have enjoyed quizzing each other.

M6 and I discovered the We Both Read books at our new library this week.  We've been reading Dr. Seuss books while waiting for our copy of The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading to be delivered.  The We Both Read books are perfect for us right now.  They allow M6 to enjoy an  interesting story and to feel like successful reader.  She especially enjoys the fact that she gets a little break between her reading pages.  We will continue to enjoy these books even after we get back to our regular reading program.

In the evenings this week, we spent time watching Ancients Behaving Badly.  I got the DVDs from our library because it has an episode on Ghengis Khan.  There were also episodes on Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Nero, Hannibal, Alexander the Great and others.  Admittedly, these do focus on the negatives of these leaders but they were interesting.  I was surprised at how much the children remembered about the leaders we studied last year.  Plus, we had lots of discussions about how the video was scewed to show only the behaving badly parts.  We also talked about how leaders did do things that wouldn't be considered nice and it tied in nicely with a reminder about King John and the Magna Carta.  I doubt these are for every family due to the focus of the content but they've been worthwhile for us.

The high this week is feeling like the move is behind us.  Boxes are unpacked and life is moving on.  It's good to be home and back to school.


  1. It was a good to read this update! Sounds like you are settling in. For the Ancients Behaving Badly, do those focus on lascivious stuff too? Or would they be suitable for my 9 yo?

  2. Faith, Some of the episodes would probably be fine for your 9 year old. Some probably supply too much information. I tend to use "too much information" as an opportunity for discussion. Sometimes things like that go right by my children. I'd suggest you preview to decide which episodes you consider appropriate.