Friday, February 8, 2013

Weekly Recap: February 4-8, 2013

The snow we received gave us a few late starts at the beginning of the week.  We'd rather hold school now and get out earlier in May, but we also like to have a leisurely start when everyone else is off.  It's a nice perk of setting our own schedule. 

On Tuesday morning S10 got up early enough to make snowmen before school started.  There was lots of sledding in the afternoons.

Thursday we took the entire day off as a celebration of S11's birthday.  No school on birthdays is another perk of setting our own schedule.

We ended our school week by watching The Diary of Anne Frank. After finishing the movie, M8 gave a speech she had prepared about the women and the dictators of World War 2.  We were especially delighted that she provided refreshments.

Highs and Lows:
 M8 - High - Writing a speech about World War 2.
         Low - Math - Multiplication flash cards are difficult.

S11 - High -  My birthday!
          Low -  Daddy wasn't here.

H13 - High - Writing prompt.  I found it interesting and really enjoyed it.
          Low -  Daddy wasn't here.

Me - High - Celebrating S11's birthday.  I love to celebrate!
         Low - Too much snow.  Too many distractions.  Too little time.

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