Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday Munchies: Beer Butt Chicken

A while back I posted about how to roast a chicken.  That is my go-to recipe for making chicken.  Only slightly less used at our house is the beer butt chicken technique.  I originally heard about doing this on the grill.  Coat your chicken in melted butter, slather on the salt and other seasoning, insert the beer can and cook on the grill until done.  It usually takes about an hour at 350-400 degrees. 

Grilling is amazing but sometimes it's not pleasant.  Right now grilling would be especially unpleasant so I opt for using the beer butt technique in the oven.  These handy beer can holders that I bought are convenient but not strictly necessary.  I have two of them.  If I'm cooking a third chicken I place it in between the two chickens on the can holders.  I pour out 1/3 to 1/2 of the beer.  Usually I opt to pour the beer into a glass for later consumption.

The chicken slips, bottom opening first, over the can and holder.
Before cooking I sprinkle the chicken with a saltless seasoning.  Since Rob's heart issues we have cut way back on butter and salt so I forgo the slathering and coating.  The chicken is still tasty and way more healthy.   

I like it when my chickens look chummy so I arrange them for conversation. 

I drop the lowest shelf of my oven all the way to it's lowest setting in order to accommodate the upright chickens.  While the chickens are cooking (375 degrees for an hour) I enjoy the beer I set aside earlier.

With no more fuss, the chicken is done and fall off the bone tender. 

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