Sunday, December 9, 2012

Advent: Day 9 - Little Women of Orchard House and Shopping for the Food Pantry

At this point I'm thinking that my plans for Advent were really just suggestions.  When I started thinking about Advent my purpose was to create a time that focused on being together as a family and thinking about God and others.  Even though we aren't following my original schedule exactly we are having a wonderful time. 

Today we went to see Little Women of Orchard House, a youth theater production of the Mid-Ohio Valley Players.  We've seen the movie version of Little Women and learned a bit about the time during the Civil War in the United States.  Our background knowledge made this play especially enjoyable.  We were all impressed with the quality of the performances and each had our favorite actor/character.

One of the things that I hadn't really planned was including a service activity on Sundays.  After our experience last week when we went shopping for a needy child, we decided that having a special others focused activity on Sunday was something we enjoyed and wanted to continue.  This week we decided to pick up food for our local food bank.  We'll be dropping the food we purchased on Tuesday.

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