Thursday, December 6, 2012

Advent: Day 6 - Make Reindeer Cookies

We made our reindeer cookies using Nutter Butter cookies, small pretzels, mini m&ms, and milk chocolate melting discs. 
 K16 melted 1 cup of the discs in the microwave.  H13 lined a pan with parchment paper.
We dunked the Nutter Butters in the melted chocolate, being sure to coat thoroughly. No fancy technique here, just a spoon to scoop out the cookies. 
We broke a pretzel in half then snapped off pieces until it looked like antlers to us. 
We stuck the pretzels into the melted chocolate covered cookies.  The chocolate did a great job of fastening the antler to the reindeer. 
We stuck the m&ms on the chocolate covered cookies to represent eyes and a nose.  Sometimes we even made sure the m side was face down.
The most difficult part of this project was leaving the reindeer alone so the chocolate could harden.

The easiest part of this project was eating the completed cookies.

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