Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Advent: Day 16 - Wild Lights and Santa

On Saturday night we watched the weather.  The Sunday forecast was for thunderstorms.  We discussed going to Wild Lights at the Columbus Zoo, but we didn't want to take that drive on a day we couldn't really enjoy the spectacle.  Because of the weather forecast we decided to move a zoo trip to sometime after Christmas.

Sunday arrived with overcast skies but no thunderstorms.  A check of the weather on Sunday afternoon showed cloudy skies with mild temperatures.  The predicted thunderstorms were postponed until Monday.  We made a fast decision to go to the zoo and moved just as quickly to get on the road. 

Our alternate plan for Sunday involved a long winter's nap and breakfast for dinner.  In addition, I wanted to go to the local pharmacy for their Christmas party and pictures with Santa.  Only K16 and H13 managed to get the nap.  I was thrilled that Wild Lights included Santa.  Our first stop upon entering the zoo was Santa's home where we took a picture with Santa.

After a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Claus, we strolled through the light strung trees enjoying to the sights and sounds of Christmas at the zoo.  We also stopped to enjoy a group of performers called Signs of the Season.  They gave Christmas caroles and songs a new dimension with American Sign Language.  After the performance we went in search of what we thought was going to be a group of 27 arbors made up of animatronic trees.  What we got was 27 stuffed animals sitting on a Christmas tree shaped frame.  We left laughing at how the description was much more grand than the reality.

We all enjoyed seeing the lights.  Since we were zoo members this year the experience was worth the drive.  I'm not sure we'll make this an annual event.

We were all hungry by the time we left the zoo so we went in search of delicious food.  We found what we were looking for in nearby Easton at The Cheesecake Factory.

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