Thursday, October 18, 2012

The "Perfect" Star Wars Room

Over a year ago, I posted about my experiences as a stripper (of wallpaper).  I realized a few days ago, thanks to a discussion on a message board, that I'd never posted pictures of the finished effort.  Life moves fast and the moment to celebrate creating the perfect (for S10) Star Wars room slipped past. 

So, by way of celebration, I'm taking time to revisit and share this room. S10 loves it as much today as he did when he first saw it and I think it has potential for transitioning with him as he grows.
The Star Wars Clone Wars figures are all wall clings I found on Amazon so they will peel off. 

  I fear the closet doors will have to be repainted but that was a pretty easy project so it won't be a huge loss.
The paint while perfect for Star Wars can be adapted to other colors or themes.
 Overall, I am really proud of the room.

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  1. It's awesome! My ds 12 would LOVE a room like this!!