Wednesday, July 20, 2011

True Confessions of a Reluctant Stripper

It started as a project to give my nine year old son a Star Wars room. I've spent the last few weeks studying the Star Wars web site and searching the internet for ideas and bedding choices.  I thought that the most complicated part of the room was going to be making it look like the inside of a space ship.  Unfortunately, the only room in the house that had wallpaper in it was my son's.  Having dealt with wallpaper in several other homes, I knew the danger of painting over it.  As tempting as the idea was, I couldn't stand the idea of creating more work at a later date by painting it.  So, the stripping began.
S9 is at 4H camp this week.  I thought I'd have plenty of time to strip, paint and create the perfect Star Wars room.  Today was day three of the project and I still have several hours of stripping to go.  After the stripping is done, I'll need to wash the walls, repair the damaged parts of the dry wall and then, maybe on Friday, I can start painting.  Obviously, the room won't be done before S9 is home from camp.  I'm hoping it won't be too disappointed.

The conclusion I've come to is that wallpaper should be illegal.  I've only tried to put it up once.  Several years ago, my husband and I put up a wallpaper mural in my son's room.  It was a jungle scene and it really made the room.  After we complete the project, we were able to agree that the results were worth the effort. While we were gluing and hanging, we were certain that wallpaper had been invented by divorce lawyers.

After three days of stripping, I'm inclined to believe that wallpaper was created in the 5th circle of hell.  Now that I've been forced to reevaluate my time line, I'm confident that the room will be done by next Friday.  I am also confident that no matter how reluctant I am to strip, I will be glad that I've done this project well rather than getting it done quickly.

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  1. Hahaha! I agree, wallpaper is EVIL. I got a good chuckle from this post. Also, um, you do realize you may have some new visitors to your blog with such a provocative title? LOL