Wednesday, July 27, 2011

M6's Lost Tooth

Today I have a guest author.  This story was written by M6 describing the loss of her first tooth.

I was in the hallway and I started to wiggle my tooth.  Then I began to whine about how my tooth was so loose that it hurt.  H12 told me to sit down.  She twisted my tooth so it cracked.  It hurt so bad and I yelled.

It was so loose that I could just wiggle it, wiggle it, wiggle it.  I went downstairs to get a glass full of water.  H12 came downstairs and put some salt in it.  H12 pulled my tooth so it was only hanging by one root. She pulled again and it was out.

There was blood all over my face so we went over to the sink to wash my face.  We went upstairs to show Kady.  Kady asked, "Are you going to sleep in here or what?"

I said, "Yes!"  I crawled into my bed on the floor and I went to sleep.

The End.

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  1. At least you didn't do any drastic measures to get it out. There is this little girl who used a motorized bike to pull the tooth of his kid brother. It was recorded in video and the video can be found on YouTube. I hope that's the last time they'll do something that extreme.