Friday, January 13, 2012

Weekly Recap: January 9-13, 2012

 This week we plowed our way through.  Believe me, some days it was an uphill battle.  M7 and S9 seemed distracted.  I'm afraid H12 is back to her habits of procrastination and avoidance that we were dealing with before Christmas. 

High - Roller skating with co-op.  I loved the disco balls and fancy lights hanging from the ceiling.
Low - none
Additional comment - I hate it when my big sisters won't let me in their room.

High - I was able to go roller skating. I learned that in-line skates are way better than the old kind.
Low - Latin
Additional comment - I like spending so much time with my family.  That's really my high this week but mom said it had to be about school.

High - I got to work on my story about the orange plantation in writing.
Low - I had a really good week but I didn't work as hard as I wanted to.
Additional comment - I like that it snowed but I hate that it's cold.

High - I finished my biography (Benjamin Franklin: An American Life by Walter Isaacson) and made it to my book club meeting.
Low - I experienced a lot of frustration over delayed obedience this week.  I'm praying the weekend allows me to rest and feel refreshed on Monday.
Additional comment - I am so thankful for a husband who acknowledges and supports all my efforts and comforts me without judgement.


  1. Glad you all made it through. :) I pray you rested and refreshed for Monday also. Best wishes for a great weekend!

  2. Lack of obedience can really get you down, I agree. Hopefully you will find a solution soon. Thank goodness for a supportive husband is right! I would not be as good at what I do without his love and support