Friday, January 6, 2012

Weekly Recap: January 2-6

This week we are listing what we loved about Christmas break.  Then we are sharing our highlights and lowlights from this week.

M7 - Daddy being home so much.  Playing Barbies more than usual.
High - Math is getting harder.  I'm excited about Ivy and Bean
Low - None

S9 -  Tony Hawk game for the Wii.
High - Acing all my tests today.
Low - None

H12 - No school and being with family.
High - Fun in math.
Low - Having to do math at all.

Me - Reading books for fun.  Cooking for fun.
High - Getting my sewing machine and making my first project.
Low - Getting back into a routine.


  1. Love the format of your wrap up. Great week.

  2. What a great wrap-up! We also enjoyed having papa home during our Christmas vacation.