Friday, January 6, 2012

Guest Writer: My Tackle!

This week S9 wrote about a personal experience.  He was charged with putting his ideas in order and being descriptive.  I think he did an amazing job so here is his essay.

My Tackle!

Vienna vs. Warren, what a day!

The sweat dripped from my face.  My foe was staring me up and down.  I didn't feel right.  The stench of sweat filled the air.  I heard heavy breathing.  My blocker was twice my size.  That's when I heard the ball snap.  I felt relief as a I ran.  I heard the whoosh of air as it passed me then I saw a switch!

I jumped in front of the receiver, started running and bam!  I grabbed his legs and tripped him.  He fell straight on top of me.  He rolled off and then I heard the announcement, "Tackle made by number three, S9!"

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