Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Worth the Trip: Cambridge, OH

Since my in-laws visit in early November I have been trying to get to the Dickens Victorian Village in Cambridge, OH.  Yesterday, we finally made it there and I think it's safe to say that the experience was just another great part of our Christmas celebration.  I think it's also a unanimous decision that we'll include a trip to Cambridge in our Christmas traditions.

I'd originally thought that the Dickens Victorian Village was a live experience but on further investigation I realized that the display was made up of statues situated down Wheeling Avenue in Cambridge.  On some weekends before and after Christmas there were a variety of special activities scheduled.  Because of the weather we decided to visit Cambridge on a sunny day rather than waiting for the weekend.  We may have missed the Peddler Village but the beautiful weather made the sacrifice worthwhile.

We parked our car at one end of Wheeling Avenue and walked to see all 80 of the displays.  We were also able to spend some time in the shops in Cambridge.  A highlight of the trip was Ye Ole Curiosity Shoppe and Dickens Welcome Center.   Ye Ole Curiosity Shoppe had a variety of gift items for sale as well as an extensive variety of period clothing available for dress-up.  We all had a great time dressing in the period clothes and having our pictures taken. 

After we'd seen all the Dickens scenes we enjoyed dinner at a nearby restaurant then returned to downtown Cambridge to enjoy the light show at the Guernsey County Courthouse.  This event was nothing short of magical.  We got our hot cocoa and enjoyed the first part of the show on a park bench.  After the night became too chilly we moved to the car and watched the rest of the show from our van.  No one was anxious to go home.

On the way to Cambridge I'd given my family a speech which can be summarized as a "sometimes you just have to suck it up and do things with people that you might not necessarily be excited about because you love the people" speech.  It may be that the speech was still fresh in their minds and they were just humoring me but I prefer to believe that everyone enjoyed Cambridge as much as I did.  I've already added it to our activities for next Christmas.

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