Saturday, December 3, 2011

Weekly Recap 11/28-12/2/11

This week flew by.  We had my parents here until Wednesday so we were only doing the basics while we enjoyed the last of our company.  The entire day Wednesday was take up with a trip to and from the airport.  Oh for the days when the airport was 20 minutes away.  Thursday and Friday we kicked it into high gear and got as much of our week done as we possibly could.

The plan is to work hard the next two weeks and then take two weeks off.  Everyone seems to like the plan and, at least at this time, is working to make it happen.  H12 is going to have the most work to get done in the next two weeks.  In fact, she's spending time this weekend working on outlines for history.  I suspect that being able to work in her room without the rush of our daily activities appeals to her.

K15 started volunteering at a local nursing home.  She has 48 hours of court ordered community service to complete before December 26.  In my opinion, that means the community service needs to be completed by December 22.  In a community the size of ours, finding 48 hours worth of work is a challenge.  She is helping clean and organize at our church.  She is working for our local township recording the names, dates and locations of graves in the township cemeteries.  We are hoping that the nursing home will allow her to round out the hours required.  She seems to enjoy the nursing home.  She has a favorite resident and talks about the people she's met there.  One man patted her butt.  She was surprised and found it funny that old men still think about pretty girls.  Between the cemeteries and the nursing home, we haven't seem much of her this week.

S9 began writing his first report this week.  He spent time the first day taking notes from sources concerning the Iroquois.  Using those note he wrote a rough draft.  Next week we'll work on correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation and making a final copy of his report.  He seems to be doing well on the project.  At one point, he said he didn't know what to write next.  He quickly remembered his page of notes and had no problem continuing with his report.

M7 continues to move through her work without difficulty.  She's within 30 lessons of finishing Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading.  We began a Singapore math program and she's found the lessons to be easy and fun.  We haven't had anything new yet but it's nice to know she's got a good grasp of the concepts so far.  Latin continues to be her favorite subject.  She did a wonderful job writing the Doxology in cursive and illustrating it.

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