Saturday, March 12, 2011

Weekly Recap 3/7-3/11/11

This week we loved school and everything seemed to flow.  It's good to have a week when everything comes together.  Our highlights were in history and math.  We found the stories about Mansa Musa and Henry the Navigator to be especially interesting.  H11 is doing some more learning about Joan of Arc.

Our read aloud this week is not so popular.  We are reading King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table by Roger Lancelyn Green.  H11 is frustrated and irritated by the women in these stories.  They are, in her opinion, either evil or stupid.  S9 is finding the knights to be much the same.  Maybe we need to spend some time talking about chivalry and what that meant at the time.  It's a hard concept to relate to with our current values.

Math this week totally rocked.  M6 has a great grasp of subtracting and borrowing.  I was nervous about introducing the concept for no reason.  S9 and H11 are both working on square roots and exponents.  They got the concepts with no sweat.  Next week we'll work on adding and subtracting money and order of operations.

We rounded out the week by attending our first 4H meeting.  We were all feeling a little desperate for new friends.  Hopefully, this group, made of homeschoolers, will be a good fit for us.


  1. I hope the 4H group is a good fit for your crew!

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful week :)

  3. Wow! A great week! So nice to have these, especially in the pit of Feb! Hope the 4H brings new friends and fun for you!