Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekly Recap 3/21-3/25/11

We began this week with a birthday and ended it with a trip to visit friends so it was a short but busy week.  We focused, as always, on the basics. 

Our basics centered around the new addition to our family, Paxton.  He's a minature potbelly pig and the only thing H12 asked for on her birthday.  While he's extremely cute and often amusing, he's also very standoffish.  This is a real disappointment for H12 who had visions of a companion pig.    We are all hoping that continued contact and tender loving care will enable Paxton to become the pig of H12's dreams.
In addition to figuring out how to incorporate Paxton into a homeschool day, we completed five full days of all our subjects.  We are still limping along in Latin for H12 and S9.  Our history lessons were about Mayans, Aztecs and Incas and the exploration and settlement of the Americas by Spain and Portugal.  In conjunction with our Mayan lesson H12 and S9 we enjoyed chocolate cake for H12's birthday and did Mayan math.  H12 and S9 both enjoyed the challenge of figuring out the pattern but agree that our 10 base system seems easier.  M6 spent her math time reviewing numbers and practicing addition and subtraction with her princess flash cards.

On Friday afternoon we drove back to our old neighborhood and friends for a short weekend visit.  On the way we listened to Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren.  We all enjoyed Pippi's adventures and decided she was a pretty resourceful child.  S9 was envious of her super strength and M6 was envious of her monkey.  I'm hoping we don't add one of those to our growing menagerie.

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