Thursday, March 31, 2011

Homeschool Conference 2011

This year I'm not sure why I'm going to the Midwest Homeschool Conference.  I've reached a place that feels good and comfortable.  I've found a groove and I'm not looking to make any major changes next year.  I have most of my curriculum.  I probably wouldn't be going except that I registered before Christmas and it sounds fun to go spend the night in a hotel.

The past two years I've gone to the conference with a sense of mission, armed with a list of questions to answer and curriculum to view.  This year I haven't even looked at the entire conference schedule.  I did sit down and make a list of books I'd like to see or to find but there's no sense of urgency or purpose.  It's a strange feeling.  Thinking that I've got this feels really good and really scary at the same time.  I might get to the conference and find out that I'm just kidding myself.  But for right now, it feels wonderful not to be the beginner and to feel like I'm doing the right things and doing them fairly well.  Of course, not every day goes perfectly but I don't really need it to. 

Since I have no mission at the conference, my plan is to go and explore, to attend sessions that interest me and to spend time looking at lots of stuff.  I might even find a quiet corner and read for awhile.  I have paid for two days of childcare.  I should really take advantage of every moment.  Perhaps I'll discover that by not feeling driven I'll enjoy the scenery and the experience that much more.

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