Monday, March 21, 2011

Birthday Surprise!

There are few things I enjoy as much as I enjoy orchestrating a birthday surprise.  This year we surprised our nine year old son with his long dreamed of pet piranha.  Our daughter, turning twelve today, has been requesting a potbelly pig for more than six months.  Her birthday strategy is simple and usually successful, ask for only one thing and you are sure to receive it.

Unfortunately and maybe surprisingly, it was much harder for us to be joyful about a pig than about a piranha.  A piranha requires an aquarium and minimal attention.  A potbelly pig is, well, a pig.  And our daughter intended it to be a house pig.  She did hours of research and continually reassured us that a potbelly pig makes a wonderful pet.  My own research turned up very mixed reviews.  She promised that she'd take total care of her pet.  I've seen her room. I know her inclination to let things slide.  I was skeptical.

Still, after much discussion and prayer, we found a seven week old potbelly piglet for a reasonable price within easy driving distance.  Plans were made and yesterday afternoon we took H-almost 12 to meet, by surprise, her new pet.  Even to the moment when the black bundle wrapped in a dirty white towel was presented to H she had no idea that she was truly getting her pig.  Her face lit up, her feet danced, her hands clapped.  Her reaction was all we could hope for.  Now, we shall see how our amazing birthday surprise becomes part of everyday life.  My prayer is that this pig exceeds all expectations. 
Paxton, the potbelly pig, born February 4, brought home March 20.


  1. O.k. Now you are up for the mother of the year award! Please keep us updated on this little pig. Stop by my blog, I have a pig there also. Your daughter may get a kick out of it.

  2. You put the rest of us to shame! Wow! And my dd just wants a bunny and we told her no! ;-) I will follow along to see how this little guy is doing! How did she name him? It's a cute name!

  3. Paxton means country man. We thought that was fitting.