Thursday, March 31, 2011

Expect the Unexpected

You would think after almost twenty-two years of marriage, four children, and twelve moves I would have learned that nothing can be planned.  You would think that I would be an expert at anticipating what could go wrong and working to see all the angles.  My husband is a maintenance and reliability engineer.  His job is all about predicting what could go wrong and working to keep things running smoothly.  We both have the skills and the inclination but at home, the unexpected keeps happening.

On Sunday we brought home a potbelly pig for H12's birthday.  Paxton was part of our family for just over a week.  On the following Monday, we got a leash and harness for him and he, almost immediately, slipped the leash and headed for the hills.  We haven't seen any sign of Paxton since our manhunt for more than an hour on Monday.  We could have prevented that heartache by not letting him out of the house or by making sure that the harness was too tight to be comfortable.  We could have walked with H12 and the pig to keep an eye on things.  We could have...  You know that list.  It's endless and futile.

Even before Paxton jumped ship we had an unexpected guest.  The farmer down the road gave us a baby goat that had been abandoned by it's mother.  Since last Sunday, we've been playing mother goat to an absolutely adorable kid.  I've given daily talks about how fragile baby animals are and about how we can't be sure that she's going to survive.  All the while, I've been praying and working to make sure she does stay alive.

At church last week, the minister spoke about the meaning of "Give us this day our daily bread."  He talked about the Israelites depending on manna as they wandered in the desert.  He talked about how having too much can encourage us to rely on the bounty rather than on God.  I've found myself returning to this thought again and again this week. 

Even though things happen that I don't expect, Lord, continue to give me exactly what I need exactly when I need it.  Whether it's a goat, a sermon or a moment of clarity help me pay attention to what You have for me.

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