Saturday, October 23, 2010

Weekly Recap 10/18-10/22/10

I know we did stuff this week but, frankly, I'm finding it difficult to remember what it was.  My mind and attention is taken up with details of moving.  School is functioning on auto pilot when it's functioning at all.

We did all the routine things, speech lessons, music lessons, Community Bible Study, a couple of trips to the library.  I know we talked about the Islamic invasion of Spain.  We made a Moorish meal for dinner on Thursday complete with roasted chicken and vegetables and a chick pea and spinach soup.  It was all delicious.  The kids played Yahtzee together on Friday and we counted it as math.  The rest is a blur.

As for the house, the carpets are clean.  The deck is freshly stained.  The kids rooms have been decluttered.  Each child filled a box to give away and a box to put away until after our move.  They were very brave.  I know they would prefer to keep everything just as it is.  I am blessed by their loving choices and generous spirits.

I'll let them give you their take on the week with highs and lows.

high - I got everything done that I needed to do this week.
low- Marching band is over.

high - I did really well on my grammar.
low - I still have my grammar test to take before Monday.

high- I liked drawing the Muslims invading Spain.
low- I do not like practicing violin because it takes so long.

high - I got to read.
low - No lows for the week.  Only highs.


  1. My little guy is sitting here agreeing with your 8yo. Art was fun. Violin takes too long. :-)

    Sounds like a lot while preparing to move. Your auto pilot must be higher functioning than mine!

  2. Having just moved, I know it can be hard on the kids. :)
    And the mom to keep up schooling!! You're doing great!

  3. When we moved into this house four years ago (kids were 13, 11 and 6), I told my husband that I am NEVER EVER moving again. It's just way too much work. I commend you for getting schoolword done in the midst of a move!