Monday, October 18, 2010

To Die is Gain

It's been one of those days that seems to heap disappointment upon disappointment.   Those days make it easy to lose sight of the purpose in any endeavor.  Those days make it easy to forget your goal and the steps necessary to achieve the goal.  Those days make you want to drink a bottle of wine or crawl back in bed or both.

I think that this day has made me understand more clearly what Paul meant when he said, "To live is Christ and to die is gain."  Too often I operate in this world as if to live were gain and to die were Christ.  My purpose is backward and my actions and decisions reflect my confusion. 

We got our realtor reports back today and our recommended listing price is considerably less than we payed for this house.  We paid considerably less than the asking price four years ago.  We thought we'd gotten a great enough deal that the market loss wasn't going to really affect us.  We were wrong.  If we manage to sell for the very top recommended listing price, we'd be selling at $20,000 less than we paid.  The news just gets worse from there. 

I keep reminding myself that the house belongs to God and that God has a purpose and a plan.  I really know that.  I can give you examples through my life that demonstrate that knowledge.  Sometimes in hindsight but sometimes even when I'm in the midst of the situation I can see God working.  I expect nothing less in this situation.  God has provided the job.  God has a plan.  My desire is to stop seeking to gain here on earth but, rather, to live the life that Christ would have me live now.  My gain is in the future.  Searching and striving for gain now is not my purpose or God's plan.  I know that.  I just need to remember it and to strive to live Christ.

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  1. ((Moonbeam))I am praying for you today. That His purpose becomes clearer for you and your dh. He has a GOOD plan for you. Blessings!! Lisa