Friday, October 8, 2010

Family Traditions: The Art of the Tea Party

Grammy began the tea party tradition for our family years and years ago.  We now use tea parties to celebrate events both large and small.  Sometimes we use tea parties to turn ordinary days into special events.  On Thursday, October 7, M6 chose to invite her special friends to a tea party.  

First she made invitation for each of her guests.

She set the table using Grammy's very special tea set.

When her guests arrived, M6 carefully poured the tea.

I know that Grammy is smiling at this very special tea party and at the connection she shares with her great-granddaughter.


  1. How very sweet! What a neat tradition to pass on!

  2. What a great tea party! My daughter use to have tea parties just like that with a tea set my mother gave her. How I miss those days!

  3. Oh, that is precious! I love family traditions. It warms my heart to see my kids doing something I can remember doing at their age.