Sunday, October 3, 2010

Slow Forward Movement

It's done.  Official resignations have been made.  In an effort to keep a wonderful employee, the current employer offered a two year assignment in Pernis.  As tempting as that may be, we aren't ready to risk that they would send all of us and not just Rob.  I suspect two years of missing Rob would do us all in.  So, we move forward with moving forward.

I've talked to our relocation coordinator, our packing coordinator and our mortgage coordinator.  I've fired a realtor and hope to hire one or two more this week.  I've been pre-approved for as much money as I can carry out of the bank.  I've cleaned out M6's room and added to the pile of stuff in the garage.  I think we'll be having an all-you-can-stuff-in-a-bag-for-$3 yard sale soon. 
It's been a busy weekend for us.  They all are really.  We spent Friday night having pizza with neighbors.  Who knows how many times we'll get to share time and food with these wonderful people?  It's best to take advantage of every moment.  Wine flowed, laughter rang and it was a wonderful night. 

Saturday brough football and band.  We experienced a loss on the football field and a gold rating in the band competition.  The evening continued with a stop at the Red Box and a movie watched in the van when the dvd player went on the fritz.  Sunday we communed with the world and followed with a meal at our favorite Mexican restaurant.  If Jesus had been Hispanic would we commune with margaritas and tortilla chips?  After lunch Isaved more than I spent at Kohl's.  They were having a sale.

Some effort was made at cleaning up and cleaning out rooms.  Letting go is hard.

The week stretches before us.  Who knows what will happen next?  We seem to be moving forward, slowly.  Or perhaps we are just flying by the seat of our pants.  Our prayer is that we are moving in God's will and glorifying God with every step we take.

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